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Horse Artillery

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2020 12:33 pm
by MarcusColenious

It has been noted that in the rules there is no reference to Horse Artillery.

Was this an accidental omission or purposeful?

If accidental, can you share your thoughts any rules or changes for Horse Artillery using the Pickett's Charge rules?

Thank you.

Re: Horse Artillery

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2020 7:11 pm
by siggian
I think there was effectively no real difference between horse artillery and foot artillery in the American Civil War.

Re: Horse Artillery

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2020 8:07 pm
by Archdukek
My understanding is similar to siggian and the difference is in name only as the author says on page 17. Horse artillery, whose men were mounted, were simply field artillery batteries attached to cavalry units. Their mounts giving them some greater strategic mobility but tactically they would operate in a similar manner to other field batteries attached to infantry units when on the battlefield. No rule changes are needed in my view.