Advice sought on 1st Bull Run Orbat.

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Advice sought on 1st Bull Run Orbat.

Postby Trailape » Tue Jan 03, 2017 1:15 pm

A few mates and I are planing on playing a refight of 1st Bull Run but have hit a slight snag,...
The confederates didn't form 'Divisions'
Rather they had Armies and Bdes.
For example
The army of the Shenandoah has simply 4 Bdes under the Army.
Should we simply treat each Bde as a 'Division' and generate Staff Oficers based on the number of Regiments?
Treat the Army HQ as a Divisional HQ? This would result in the Army of the Shenandoah for example generating 4 Staff Officers total, (with maybe Army HQ generating additional Staff Officers as per a 'Corps HQ)?
Btw, we're using the scenario from the Guns of Gettysburg Scenaria book 4 'Stonewall Jackson'.
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Re: Advice sought on 1st Bull Run Orbat.

Postby DCRBrown » Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:28 am


From the GdeB site:

Each Army was small enough to be regarded as a large Division.

So I'd have one Staff Officer for the main brigades. Some of those brigades were quite big, so I suggest the large brigades that have a lot of infantry and cavalry could be split into two separate brigades, one just for infantry and one for the remaining cavalry. (Or you could ignore many of the smaller one squadron sized cavalry units, on the premise these are on scouting/recce duties and just stick with one combined brigade.)

You always have the option of brigading your artillery into independent brigades if you wish.

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Re: Advice sought on 1st Bull Run Orbat.

Postby Dragoon » Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:57 pm

A Union Army had Divisions so for the 1st Bull Run having the correct command structure is a must.
This should give an advantage over the confederates who had only brigade commanders.

This creates the same problems for the Confederate Commander as those faced by Wesley at Vimeiro (no I haven't got his name wrong his father changed it later to Wellesley).
The French being in Divisions had greater C&C over the Brigades.
The Union Army should have had an easy victory but the South had more of the regular officers.
How this will work for the rules I have no idea as this is my first foray into the ACW since about 1973.
even then Jeff Davis supplied most of the Airfix figures. So I'm busy painting both Union and Confederate figures. so apart from pushing around cardboard bases and some unpainted figures I have no Idea how a division will play out.

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