3 Para in Afghanistan

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3 Para in Afghanistan

Post by Dragoon » Fri Jun 29, 2018 11:49 pm

I’ve just started to read ‘No Way Out’ by Major Adam Jowett.
Helmand July 2006 Major Jowett was put in charge of Easy Company, an under-strength unit of Paras and Royal Irish Rangers.
There mission: to hold the district centre of Musa Qala at any cost. They found themselves in a ramshackle compound, heavily outnumbered by the Taliban, under siege and in danger of being overrun.
Martin Bell describes it as the Rouke’s Drift of our times.

Is this possible with IABSM ? I know the weapons are different but can anyone suggest how to rate :-
GPMG, HMG, RPG, AK47, PKM, NVGs and what looks like a Brit 75/80mm. mortar. I don’t even know, yet, what small arms the Paras and the RIR carried in 2006

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Re: 3 Para in Afghanistan

Post by rim66 » Mon Jul 02, 2018 8:32 am

From the Yahoo Group:

Tried to reply to Dragoon 3 Para in Afghan with IABSM question but still unable to log on to the forum so replying here.

Haven't read the book but think I've seen a documentary on the subject some time ago.
Haven't gotten around to company level post Vietnam yet but for what it's worth here's suggestions.

Charlie Don't Surf rules probably fit the situation better than IABSM. Would need change to terrain & tactics but Fire Chart is more lethal reflecting modern weapons. You might also use the Fire Chart from Q13 that is even more lethal if available.

I did an article & scenario for LRRP in Summer 2017 Special that might be useful.

If Dragoon doesn't see this could someone who can log on to the forum please let him know about this reply. I'm still trying to figure out what's wrong with my log on.


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