How to represent casualties and shock?

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Re: How to represent casualties and shock?

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Zippee wrote:
Wed Jul 18, 2018 6:52 am
my Poles are in 12 figure squads as per the September War lists and as they're 6mm are on single section 60mm pill shaped bases.
Ah, 6mm... Too fiddly for me. My patience ends at 15mm, or preferably 20mm+

I'm pretty certain Polish infantry squads were 19 men in September 1939. Cav and motorised inf used much smaller squads. But I forgot we are not talking about CoC but about IABSM which doesn't use a figure scale of 1:1.

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Re: How to represent casualties and shock?

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The September War lists scale back the squads to 12, 10 or 8 depending on whether they're regular, KOP, motor, scout, cavalry, etc. I basically have a regular infantry company of 9 12-fig squads, a scout platoon of 2 8-fig mounted/dismounted scouts and a cavalry squadron of 6 8-fig squads mounted/dismounted plus Big Men and assorted support teams, guns and armour. The real pain in the early armies is the amount of horseflesh.

My comments on sabots was when using my 1944 Normandy 15mm collection for IABSM instead of CoC - sabots seemed like a good idea but in the end caused more hassle than moving chunks of single mounts.

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