AFV Stats

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AFV Stats

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I have purchased the main rules, but I was wondering if there is a stat chart for AFVs of WW2. I'm primarily interested in early WW2, or does it mean that I have to purchase the other books such as the blitzkrieg books?

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Re: AFV Stats

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Hi Garth

Yes, the early war vehicle stats are only available in the theatre handbooks and the various scenario packs...but there are some free lists out there.

If you go to, you can download comprehensive Polish, German and Soviet lists for the September war for free from the Poland page in the IABSM section of the site.

If it's May 1940 you're interested in, then you need to buy the Blitzkrieg in the West handbooks. Currently available are the French, the BEF and the Low Countries. I'm still working on the German one. They are £8.40 each, but packed full of info and lists.

Then if you buy any of the early war scenario packs, such as the Defence of Calais, the scenarios come with stats.

Hope that helps



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