North Africa- 41-42

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North Africa- 41-42

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Hey all,

Been quite awhile since I've been on here and done anything with IABSM!, but with the latest videos on You Tube- How to Play IABSM! has peaked my interest once again.
I did inherit a ton of 15mm North Africa Germans, Italians, British from a buddy of mine who moved out of the least 1200+ km, which were all for Command Decision: Test of Battle. Since then, they've been sitting in storage bins, nicely of coarse, but now, I figure it's time to use them...well, why not for IABSM!
So, what is the latest book that I can use for North Africa?


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Re: North Africa- 41-42

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Operation Compass is not new but covers June 1940
You can look here for North African scenarios for 41 and 42.

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