Modifiers to Spotting, confusion

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Re: Modifiers to Spotting, confusion

Post by Archdukek »

Thanks for the reply Jim. I can see that argument and it certainly keeps life simple. However, I think I’ll stick to how I play it which I think is more “realistic” if slightly more complicated.

As I said in reply to Dan on Facebook, one of the joys of IABSM is the freedom to interpret the rules as you think best reflects the circumstances you are trying to replicate on the tabletop with your opponent’s agreement of course. :D


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Re: Modifiers to Spotting, confusion

Post by JimLeCat »

Indeed, John, the game is flexible enough to accomodate tweaks like that and if you feel playing it like that is more realistic I'm not going to argue - it is a reasonable argument! ;^D I do think that +1 would be a bit stingy for an adjustment to spot someone who is shooting under normal conditions, after all, knowing there is someone there reduces it to a simple problem of 'where are they', from the usual spotting problem of 'is there anyone there?'

In a related point, I do think it works better with an umpire to make judgement calls (it is a game which at heart is a kriegsspiel after all) although two players who can agree on such things can easily get by without. All that really matters is that the players are aware how the game is to be played and that within a given game everything is handled consistently.


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