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Close range shots, cards & getting clobbered

Posted: Sat Apr 05, 2014 6:03 pm
by stuuk
Hi all, we've been playing IABSM for awhile now and have had some very good games.
However, we have had a few situations today which seemed a bit dodgy.
We don't usually play in bocage and found in our game today that we were getting quite a lot of engagements at very close range (9" and less) which seems fine to me for bocage - especially when for example you have a road with bocage on both sides of it, so you'll see each other at road width distance, more or less...

So we noticed that in this very close terrain often the first shot is a killer. An okay shot at 9" is typically 4 or 5 hits, after which the return fire is of course diminished. I expected the casualties to be high at this kind of range but it does seem to have the effect that if your card comes out first, you're going to kill them but if their card comes out first they're going to kill you. This of course could be just down to good die rolls but I wondered what people think?

Also, in the above situation of two squads finally getting a LOS to one another at very close range, would you fight it as a close assault? It's certainly grenade range so I suppose it should be..

Oh and since I can't find it in the rules.. does anyone know what happens if a blind finds itself being close assaulted?

Re: Close range shots, cards & getting clobbered

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 3:03 pm
by Vis Bellica
If a Blind is close assaulted, deploy it immediately and fight as normal.

As for the close-ness questions, I would certainly fight anything at 4" or less as a close assault, remembering that close assault doesn't necessarily mean hand-to-hand, just close...and for a rifleman, close is easily 4" or 26 yards at ground scale.

At 4-9" range, I have no problem in thinking that whoever gets a shot off first has a huge advantage. Is it in the hands of the Gods/the cards? Well, yes, but then luck means a lot in war.

Hope that helped


Re: Close range shots, cards & getting clobbered

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 8:40 pm
by stuuk
Thanks for the reply.

I think fighting things within 4" as CA actually makes more sense some times than the you-shoot, i-shoot nature of the cards, especially at such short ranges - do you give an undeployed blind any kind of advantage when you play?

Actually now I think about how the mechanics of that would work, and since close combat is one unit verses one or more defending units, how would you resolve the close combat?
I guess the defender could place the units represented by his blind in such a way as to confer maximum advantage in the close combat about to be fought, so he could perhaps get many more models into the 4" CC range to fight?

We had a situation in play the other day which was very much luck of both the cards and the dice (a defending German MG platoon failed to spot the platoon creeping up on it, who did spot and then subsequently got their card out first again, and slaughtered the poor hun with the first shot) in less close terriain it wouldn't have been as bad, and of course you could put it down to the Germans napping / eating etc but it still seemed a little of a believability stretch.

Re: Close range shots, cards & getting clobbered

Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 11:24 am
by Vis Bellica
I think I'd allow the Blind to deploy in a 'sensible' fashion I.e. Nothing to game-y!

As for the MG platoon caught unawares, well if they rolled poorly for spotting, it does mean that they were eating, sleeping, listening to the radio, playing footy etc. maybe even mistook the enemy for another German unit.