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Hell & Heorism 2013 Christmas Special

Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2018 2:31 am
by Tom Ballou
Has anyone played this?

I’m not sure of the first scenario’s map orientation.

French start in the east, with how many patrol markers?

Also since the first scenario is all motorized for the French the ACs start on table, and the reinforcements must enter by road to the North, so no JoPs for the French?

Also if the French start in the East, the Germans start in the West?

I’m guessing the intent is for the French patrol markers freeze the German’s and generate their JoPs.

I’m just not getting the set up.

Looks interest though...

Re: Hell & Heorism 2013 Christmas Special

Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2018 7:10 pm
by Tom Ballou
On CoC Facebook page where I saw this scenario Dave Stiedl was playing (scenario 2) I asked if he had played scenario 1 (they had not) but he left me with these comments:
However have just had a look and I see the problem. To match the narrative (and History) I think the French should enter from the west and the Germans from the east. I also agree that the patrol phase must just be to fix the German jump off points in the east end of the map. Putting French jump offs would not only be redundant but distort the game if the French had to defend them.
So with that, guess North is up on the page, and the best patrol setup is use Scenario 5 (Delaying Action) with the modification that the French get 4 free moves (representing that they control the table at the start (well the broken Belgian troops do, but the Germans don't know that). Once the patrol markers are locked, then the Germans, deploy their JoPs and the one French AC is placed, the second can enter from the West.

I think the French must deploy a single JoP as an objective, in the set up zone. This means the French can just keep driving away from the Germans as they will lose the points for the JoP if its captured before they get off the table.

How to treat the ACs? Are they squads or teams?

Victory conditions are a bit odd. The French are to avoid casualties and withdraw after the reinforcements have rejoined (reporting on the status of the bridge). The Germans are to destroy the French (I'm going to go with drive force morale to zero).

Re: Hell & Heorism 2013 Christmas Special

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2018 3:04 am
by Tom Ballou
I’m going to play Scenario One “Confusion and Chaos” tomorrow. Looking through the German OB I realized that I didn’t have an ATR team in my painted up early War motorized platoon.

This spring I bought a large tub of unpainted 15mm figs at a Convention. It was filled with opened and unopened boxes and packets, Ziplock bags and storage boxes of stuff for $100. I haven’t sorted through it yet, but just noted the unopened stuff. The 4 unopened T-28 tank kits was enough for me... I think there is over $1000 (at retail prices) of stuff in the bin.

So I wondered if there was any early war German ATRs, sure as shit, 2/3s of the way down I found a ziplock bag with Huns with suspiciously long rifles. Closer inspection there indeed was a happy Hun toating a PzB38. I started painting the team today (well added them to the painting sticks with my Strum platoon) so they will not be done by tomorrow.

The Germans will have to make due with a Russian ATR observer team... :oops:

But the trick is now I have to convince my wife that $50 a 15mm figure is a “good deal”. :lol:

Re: Hell & Heorism 2013 Christmas Special

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2018 7:54 am
by Gun-Pit Paul
Ask her how much her jewellery costs...
$50 a 15mm figure sounds like a good deal now :D