Interrupt with a Senior Leader

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Re: Interrupt with a Senior Leader

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Perhaps it’s better to pose the question, under what circumstances, if any, can a CI be used during an interrupt? If the answer is never, then grenades can’t be thrown by the squad.

Looks to me like Rich intends an interrupt to be the sort of activation that happens on the roll of a 1 or 2. In other words nothing too complex or nuanced, it’s a knee jerk response to enemy activity - a quick burst of fire or a rapid move to better cover. In the same way a tank can only fire or move - in effect a 1CI activation, almost as if the leader is not present. I can see some logic to this if it really is meant to be a very quick reaction and the leader has no time to make more happen. This would explain why a German squad couldn’t use Handgrenaten, this requires an element of organisation from the squad leader and an interrupt simply doesn’t allow that much time. Just a thought?
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Re: Interrupt with a Senior Leader

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MLB … that is a good way of looking at it.

For interrupts that makes some sense … a knee jerk reaction to enemy activity. That sounds a good way to define an Interrupt

I wish Rich had actually said that. His reasoning was that no grenades cos they are thrown by leaders and Interrupt are done by units not leaders. The end result is similar and I have no real problems with it.

BUT … it still leads to the issue in "Non-interrupt" phases. Where do you measure the range of a Grenade if the leader (as pointed out by Rich) is the person who throws it?

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Re: Interrupt with a Senior Leader

Post by Truscott Trotter »

I think Rich meant by 'function' the ordering if the men rather than actually throwing them himself.

However I have just read an account of a Lt defending the Dyle by taking his entire plts supply of grenades in a sack and destoying a Germn plt infiltration singlehanded. .

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Re: Interrupt with a Senior Leader

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It's a member of the squad that throws it. Up to you which. The SL just 'supplies them'.

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Re: Interrupt with a Senior Leader

Post by siggian »

Yup, that's how I play it. The leader orders (a CI) someone (probably the closest figure to the enemy) to throw a grenade, and so that figure actually does the chucking (and therefore measure from that figure). If the leader is the closest, he can do it himself (but he still has to pay the CI, which I look at as spending time throwing it instead of issuing orders).

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