AAR Spanish Civil War- CoC

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AAR Spanish Civil War- CoC

Post by Rolf »

A quick Spanish Civil War after action report.....reported from the Lardy egroup,as this might be a better place for it.

The scenario is from the Iron Ivan games SCW scenario book – scenarios 2, Bridge of Conquerors, The Attack at Merida, Aug 10, 1936.

Situation: A detachment from a platoon of Spanish Foreign Legion attacks across a bridge spanning the Guadiana River defended by Republican militia.

La Legion
1 Platoon HQ – Senior Leader +2 riflemen

1 MMG tripod mount – 3man crew

1 Section Junior Leader
3 squads – two 7 man rifle squads
1 LMG Squad – 6 man squad

1 Platoon HQ – Senior Leader
1 Section – two 10 man rifle squads
1 LMG Squad – 8 riflemen plus LMG and loader
1 Dinimiteros squad – 3 men

La Legion must secure the bridge crossing and have their force morale above 3 or more.

The plan of assault revolved around breaking up the defenses at the end of the bridge defended by well entrenched militia followed by a coup de main attack by the rifle squads. Behind hard cover they would take some wrinkling out as no heavy weapons were available to La Legion.

The platoon Teniente positioned his MMG on a hillock overlooking the bridge. Quite a distance away from the hunkered down militia, they were relatively safe even though deployed in the open and began pouring firing into the militia’s position. The section LMG took up a firing position on the end of the bridge taking cover behind the bridge on-ramp where it began to lay down suppressing fire which combined with the MMG immediately started having an effect. One squad moved through nearby adjacent underbrush and deployed along the treeline of the river to provide a reserve and some cross river suppressive fire as well…mostly desultory.

The maneuver element of the Legion section gained a back to back phase and the Teniente instructed the Sargento to push up the road quickly to take advantage of this momentum. Running quickly (11”) they moved onto the bridge and with their second phase, under the continued suppressive fire of the MMG and LMG prompted by the Teniente, the Legion squads advanced using tactical movement, content to let the MGs provide the necessary firepower to enable them to push on.

The militia, deployed relatively statically, opened up as they all commenced the engagement on overwatch. With a deadly fire they inflicted a couple of shock points and dropped two Legionaries, dead to the ground. The Teniente was questioning the haste with which he moved forward, but time pressure dictated such a bold advance.

The action continued apace with the two Legion Rifle Squads, supported from their MGs, continuing their advance down the bridge in tactical mode – not a shot fired from their Mausers. Their Junior leader now less effective having received a light wound (initiative 1) continued to push his men, but fortunately they did not receive any shock. A couple more legionnaires fell before the Sargento felt it time to attack.

The MG fire had done a very effective job, but not yet satisfactory enough to pin the militia at the end of the bridge. The location of the support militia squad enabled the losses to be spread amongst the large militia units and even though the forward most unit was reduced in size it was still equipped with a deadly LMG in the defense of the bridge.

With a lunge, the day late, the Sargento ordered a run at the defenses to close straight into combat and try and rush the position.

To their surprise the position was tougher than expected, but on reflection perhaps not so (Militia 36 combat dice – Legion 21 dice). As it turned out the Legion inflicted 7 kills for the loss of 5, a win by two and they flung the Milicianos back off their defenses and into the open behind their position…both leaders wounded yet again, the Legion Sargento falling at the critical moment from his second wound.

All the Militia involved in the fight retreated. The Legionnaires pushed on in their post combat advance, over the defenses, and with the psychological advantage of their defended position gone (national characteristic rule) the remaining milicianos immediately broke and fled…their force morale reduced to zero.

So, a bit of a case ‘fortune favours the brave’ …vive la muerte!!!

The game was our first playing of the Spanish civil war with CoC. It was only our second game and I’m pretty sure we got most things correct, except we weren’t sure whether adjacent defending units contributed to combat, even though the attacker was not within 4” of them…sort of the attacker within 4” rule applying to the defender….we weren’t sure (see my other question in the egroup).

Other than that the rest played out all very well. The MG suppressive fire worked very well and provided the cover for a tactical advance along the bridge…slow and steady, hugging the wall no doubt.

The militia were ‘resilient’ behind their defenses, but less so in the open. The national characteristics I have attribute to them makes them the same for purposes of shock when behind defenses, but the shock effect is doubled if they are in the open and fired upon…they are brittle. They are however usually in oversized units giving them slightly less staying power than regular troops, but tough-ish behind barricades…take note!

The command dice of 4 for the militia and 6 for the Legion proved important as you would expect.

Both sides only gained a few CoC points and it didn't play any part in the game…surprising given the number of command dice for the Legion.

Legion troops are given the Diehard (Vive la Muerte) special rule and the Sargento who may direct LMG fire ala the German MG rules – in this game the Sargento led the push across the bridge.

The dinimiteros didn’t get a chance to throw their grenade/dynamite and in the debrief putting them on ‘overwatch’ (throw-watch) really was what the militia should have done so they could have lobbed their dynamite as the legionaries dashed for the barricades…possibly proving decisive.

The attack on the bridge was lucky in the end. The huge amount of dice the militia had is pending clarification of the rule but even without the supporting militia the LMG behind a hard cover defensive barricade is one tough customer to take on (19 Militia dice vs 21 Legion dice). Realistically you really need to pin a unit before assaulting it….La Legion got away with it this time!

Great stuff.



PS Rich has since confirmed that the attacking team with friends within 4" are included in the combat, not the defender...so we made a slight mistake.....great game nevertheless!! ;)

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Re: AAR Spanish Civil War- CoC

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Good stuff & link posted to draw the Burton lardies into this forum

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Re: AAR Spanish Civil War- CoC

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Ooh! Very nice AAR
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Re: AAR Spanish Civil War- CoC

Post by seldon »

Excellent report Rolf.

We are doing the same using DH scenarios for CoC, one coming up first Sunday next month.


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