Corporal Burgess and his Ox-drawn six- pounder, an AAR

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Re: Corporal Burgess and his Ox-drawn six- pounder, an AAR

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jon1066 wrote:Green/regular, covers more than field craft - it also encompasses morale and command and control.
Command and control is more down to how many command dice and leaders you have. There is a slight morale effect bestowed by troop quality, but as I suggested there's no reason you couldn't have Green troops that roll for Force Morale as regulars if they had particularly good morale.

The main effect of troop quality is how hard they are to suppress or kill. From the AAR the maquis came across as pretty brittle.
It is also relative. So they may well not be regular compared to some panzer grenadiers but could be considered regular compared to a rear echelon German unit.
That rear echelon unit would also be Green, and probably better trained in small-unit tactics than the Maquis were.

I actually think we're far too generous with making things regulars. Even well-trained line infantry should probably be rated as Green in their first few actions. An awful lot of troops in WW2 were pretty sketchily trained, and even those that were well-trained often performed pretty badly in their first few days of real combat.
Based on the fact that the Maquis had 2 killed and 1 wounded I think making them green would result in way too many casualties.
Remember that taking a miniature off the table in a CoC game doesn't mean they're dead. Even in campaign games, only 50% or less of what you take off the table are permanent casualties and only a fraction of those would be actual dead. "Two dead, one wounded" in reality could well equate to six kills in a game of CoC.

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