Beasts of Lard!

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Re: Beasts of Lard!

Post by edleland »

Swamp Fox for SP2?!? Oh yes.... I am not going to be able to resist that!!!

chris cornwell
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Re: Beasts of Lard!

Post by chris cornwell »

Your "hands on" involvement, and the fact that you are not only doing a job, but are also as much an enthusiast as the rest of us, is (for me anyway), a really crucial point of the whole thing.
Years ago I was playing a lot of Spearhead and Crossfire, and Arty Concliffe's flat refusal to get involved AT ALL with any follow-up once he had written those rules (He never, ever contributed to any of his own official forums etc) was very frustrating.
I understood, and even respected his reasons for doing this, but it made for a lesser experience.
Not the case here, I'm pleased to say, so thanks!

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Re: Beasts of Lard!

Post by Burtsp »

Loved the BoW CoC demo game. I shared on a BA facebook page. In the early phases when Rich's tank was hit by the AT gun, it bounced, he rolled a 6 on table 12, rolls d6 and moves back 5 inches and removes the overwatch token. I understand why he removed the token and it makes sense but I cannot find a facsimile of that situation in the book. Should overwatch tokens also then be removed from a team/section or squad that receives shock after being fired upon? If I missed it in the book, well, 5 lashings for me then.

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Re: Beasts of Lard!

Post by JimLeCat »

Hi Burtsp,

I think the loss of overwatch is simply because the tank fell back, in the same way any unit on overwatch loses it by moving.


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Re: Beasts of Lard!

Post by Big Bob »

Page 8 of the rulebook - "Overwatch markers are removed when the unit fires; at the end of the Turn; or, when a Leader gives the troops an order to do something else." The Leader obviously ordered them to reverse bloody quickly!

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Re: Beasts of Lard!

Post by vikblo »

Wait, so if you activate a section or team on a 1 or 2 you can move and not lose the overwatch? That surely needs errata.

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Re: Beasts of Lard!

Post by sackatatties »

P8 is the GLOSSARY and points you to the full ruling at "4.5.4 Unit Actions Defined"

P20 2nd Para 2nd column

Once on Overwatch, the Team will then cover an arc of fire of 90° from its position. The Team will remain inactive on Overwatch through multiple Phases, only coming off Overwatch if the Turn finishes; they fire (see Section 9.1.3, Firing on Overwatch); or are activated to do something else.

Common sense dictates that a unit retiring due to enemy fire is too busy changing its seriously soiled underwear to bother watching for enemy activity.

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