I had a dream........

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I had a dream........

Post by mgluteus »

Things are bad when you start dreaming about this game! I awoke to a very pleasant feeling that I had completely destroyed my opponent after a very frustrating campaign and then realized that it was just a dream. I had the initiative as attacker and rolled 1,4,5,6,6. I brought on my FO and a SLdr, took a 1 on my CoC die and had the next turn. I next rolled a 1,5,5,6,6 and landed the aiming point in the center of the town (This is Flanking St Germain Du Pert) covering all his JOPs! I then rolled 3,3,5,6,6 and placed two squads on table. next was a 3,3,5,6,6 and I had a CoC die, moved p my 2 squads. Finally I rolled a 1,3,3,3,6 and moved the barrage away from two of his JOPs, moved a squad in to take one of them, the other squad being on overwatch that covered his other JOP. He rolled 4,4,4,4,6 and made no move. I rolled well enough to take his second JOP and he quit! As I said a great dream!!!!

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Re: I had a dream........

Post by Truscott Trotter »

Thats why we need a rule to stop repeat double sixs and dreams like this! :lol:

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Re: I had a dream........

Post by Captain W Martin »

I like the repeat double 6's....yes its harsh when you are on the end of them but its an important element of the game for me.

In my gang Im thinking of suggesting increasing the number of 6's needed by one after the second, especially in a game of Big CoC to keep things moving.

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Re: I had a dream........

Post by Pavlovs_Dog »

Yep! We had a game like that a few weeks ago in our Malaya Campaign. My opponent got 5 or 6 double sixes on the trot; the game was over inside 45 minutes! I just giggled and we set it up again and had another go!

Two games in an evening -luxury!

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Re: I had a dream........

Post by redmist1122 »

Big take-away from rolling multiple sixes is if your opponent can monopolized on the extra phase...more times than not I've seen those people roll just as crappy with multiple sixes and could do one thing or nothing at all. Those folks who are able to monopolized on the multiple sixes, are playing on different level...thinking about the second and third order effects of their action when it happens. Its just another level of play, as you the player should anticipate at all times that your opponent will roll multiple sixes...can you defend and survive it.

If your read any posts about this matter, I'm no fan of any house rules, especially this topic.

Like my son, continuously reminds me when I get burned..."pops, this isn't checkers, this is chess!"

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Re: I had a dream........

Post by Necrosauron »

Our experience is that a string of consecutive turns can win the game for the lucky party. This is fine for stand-alone games but when that game is critical in a campaign it can have a larger impact. I'd rather win a campaign knowing I'd outmaneuvered my opponent than by dumb luck. We've since established a house rule of no more than 3 consecutive phases - any additional 6s on the third consecutive phase roll are turned into 5s.

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