General scenario / campaign / list questions

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Re: General scenario / campaign / list questions

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Captain W Martin wrote:
Much obliged.

Any ideas on lists with the Senegalese Tirailleurs in?

Any suggestions for campaigns Pint Size or otherwise for French troops?
I use the French forces from the Abyssinian Crisis for Tirailleurs, as the unit organization was pretty much identical. The only difference is that later forces would get access to different Support Equipment choices as the war went on.

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Re: General scenario / campaign / list questions

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Just about to kick off the 'Bloody Bucket' campaign and had a few queries / questions....some important some not so or just down right trivial!

1) The Platoon HQ has Rifle grenades..... what would the AP value of German AT rifle grenades be?

2) What would the direct fire range of German rifle grenades be?

3) What do the Platoon HQ squad deploy on...a 4? Do they have to deploy and activate with the SL, do the become a team if more than 4" away?

4) One CI per Rifle Grenade?

5) Rifle Grenade Smoke... I assume these need a LoS but do you use grenade or mortar as the to hit roll?

6) Rifle Grenades and open vehicles do these roll to hit as per mortar or grenades?

7) Do the Fore Ratings difference apply to each battle? (e.g. the rifle platoon -2 versus the Sturm platoon 0 so a +1 or +3 against the US Infantry Platoon)

8) If the US undertake a counter attack do they use the 'attack / defend' scenario?

9) In the Umpires Campaign notes it says ' If one battlefield remains in US hands at the end of turn 6' this a typo?

10) As I understand it the US troops have to 'spend' then the initial 48 support points and then split the selected options between the 6 battlefields.

Do the subsequent campaign turn support points need to be 'spent' then assigned or just allocated and moved (e.g. 5 points spent on a M4 then sent to battle 5, or just 5 points sent to battle 5, which then an be spent at a later date?

11) The Germans may undertake 2 attacks a turn, do these need to be declared at the start of the turn or can you review after the first battle?

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Re: General scenario / campaign / list questions

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Amazing game playing the 'Bloody Bucket' today a few important questions came up we could REALLY do with some guidance from the forum.

After winning a battle and before undertaking a 'Blitz' attack do the Germans get the troops back due to morale difference? (it says immediately).

Between battles (even Blitz ones) do support units have any casualties back? (e.g. my MMG has lost 2 crew do they come back?)

If undertaking a Blitz attack do you have to use the same support options as the last battle or do you get to choose them freshly?

When about to undertake a Blitz attack do the Germans get the casualties back listed as 'Return to duty' BEFORE the attack commences?

Do the Germans get replacements as per at 'At the Sharp end' this is unclear, as the Blitz rule section mentions 'rolling for casualties'

No mention is made of the overall is US morale is this tracked?

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Re: General scenario / campaign / list questions

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Sorry dont have the pdf so I cannot help with these

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