Gaming table size

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Gaming table size

Post by JOHN BOND 001 »

I use 28mm scale models for gaming and use the recommended size gaming table of 6' x 4'.
Just wondering if you all stick to this size, are there any advantages or disadvantages in increasing the size of the table.

cheers John

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Re: Gaming table size

Post by Magpie »

I'll be building myself a table soon and will be going 6x4 which seems to work well enough.

Although I have been wondering if 5x5 might work better, more playing area for the same perimeter.

What i Iight do though is make it a foot or so longer so as to provide a spot for off table minis and rulebook, bottles of beer etc
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Neal Smith
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Re: Gaming table size

Post by Neal Smith »

I have been using 6x5 sometimes and I like that. A little more room to maneuver.

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Re: Gaming table size

Post by redmist1122 »

For the majority of our games here, we use the same size, 6 x 5. Its really two folding tables of 6 x 2.5. The biggest advantage is enough space for 2-3 players, some support and of course to reach almost across the table to move the lads. In bigger games of four or more players, then we up it to 6 X 7.5. I've only used a smaller size (2 x 2) to game, and that was for a scenario in the Winter Storm Pint Size campaign booklet for tank hunter teams against the Russian advance through an urban area.
All the troops are 25/28mm w/1:48 scale vehicles.

Hope this helps.
Greg P.
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Re: Gaming table size

Post by Archdukek »

We have tended to stick to 6'x4' in our Club games which we think is fine when playing across the table, but can be quite restrictive on opportunities for flanking movement by the attacker when playing with 28mm figures along the table length as is often the case with some scenarios. We are therefore thinking of switching to a 6'x6' or 6'x5' playing area to allow a bit more manoeuvre room.
Trouble is that our base tables are 6'x2.5' and players like to have some space to hold their figures, dice, etc.but 6'x7.5' (3 base tables) is a little awkward.

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Truscott Trotter
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Re: Gaming table size

Post by Truscott Trotter »

6'x6' would be my ideal for the scenarios

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Re: Gaming table size

Post by Seret »

The way the patrol phase works means the action is always naturally near the middle of the table, so it matters less than in most wargames.

The main things it will affect are the probe mission, and arrival of vehicles. The further away the baseline is the further these are from the action. I think retaining the rectangular shape is a good idea, as the defender should have the option of holding a short edge. It don't think it has to be exactly 6x4 though.

We have used 6x6. It looks nice, but we switched back to 6 x 4 as there was nothing happening on that extra 2 feet anyway.

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Re: Gaming table size

Post by Lightbulb »

I've used 4x4 and 3x6 but in 15mm so that's huge compared to 28mm. Thinking of cutting it down to 2x3 next time I play to see what it's like.

Could be why I think people move a bit slowly.

Hard to defend in probe with such a wide table.

Much larger you struggle to reach the middle so might not be piratical.

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Re: Gaming table size

Post by PatG »

Lightbulb - do you use the same ground scale for 28 and 15?

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Re: Gaming table size

Post by Willy »

We use a 6x4 for 15mm, which allows quite a bit of room to maneuver and feels very expansive/epic. We use the ground scale in the rules, and it works great.
I have played on boards as small as 1.5 by 3 ft table and just converted everything to cm. It worked perfectly well and felt quite comfortable with the 15mm figures.

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