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Re: Tactics

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sackatatties wrote:The worst thing about attacking is knowing that as soon as you expose your troops your opponent can deploy a high firepower unit or 2 and blow the heebygeebies out of you. You need to force the defender to deploy before you do and then shut him down with mortars, smoke or even covering fire. Then you can shift around to where its safe and make a run to the endzone.
I think this was the problem. The defender deployed an MG42 in an upper level of a farmhouse very early on. In hindsight when we set up the table we hadn't realised how that position could dominate so much of the table. However I think my deployment as attacker was a bit hasty and I exposed units to fire unnecessarily (and paid the price).

We did have one interesting close combat. I had a Vickers MMG behind a hedge with a rifle team not too far away. A German section popped up and hit the rifle team with devastating fire that saw them break. This left the Vickers out on a limb and so my opponent decided to rush the MMG. He called for Handgrenaten, but rolled a 1 and so with the -1 for light cover he ended up with no grenades! The ensuing close combat was bloody - especially as the MMG enjoys the high number of dice for the first round. The net result was the British inflicted 5 dead and the Germans 4 dead. As the MMG team were already one man down, they were wiped out, but as the Germans had technically lost the close combat by +1 they were thrown back 6". This did seem a bit odd given they had just wiped out the MMG team, but I can see an argument where they still fall back to lick their wounds despite their apparent success. On the other hand there's an argument that they hold the ground they have just won given they have wiped out the enemy.

We played it as written in the rules and the Germans were thrown back 6". Is that how others would have played it?
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Re: Tactics

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MLB wrote: Aah, missed that in the scenario description. So the advantage of three means you can move that much faster in the patrol phase, that makes sense.
Yep. The disadvantage being that you have to convert all of your patrol markers into JOPs. You can't ignore one if it's in a bad spot like you can with four.

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