British Recce probe

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British Recce probe

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So I dug out some old 20mm models today - a made but unpainted Matchbox Humber II, with a SOTCW Humber IV turret, and an unmade MMS Humber LRC Mk III. The latter has no Boys AT rifle fitted. So my thoughts turned to setting up a game for 43 Recce in North West Europe.

Given the absence of the Boys I reckon the LRC equates to a scout car and can thus serve as a list 3 support choice with the Humber IV being list 5. I've got a couple of Britannia carriers - one could be list 3 while both together could be a list 5 'Recce section'.

Using my existing 20mm infantry my main force can be a Recce squadron assault troop (which was organised as a standard motor platoon but with 4 sections) but using only 3 sections.

Historically the infantry division's Recce Regiment had an HQ squadron including a mortar troop and an AT battery, as well as three Recce squadrons each of three scout troops and an assault troop. Each scout troop had an HQ, a Recce section of two heavy and two light cars (one LRC and one Humber IV) and two carrier sections each of 3 carriers.



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Re: British Recce probe

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The US Cavalry Recon platoon is similarly organized. I was thinking it would be fun to stat out these units to run recon vs recon battles. The question would be whether or not you balance them with normal infantry platoons (by giving them very high Force Ratings) or just balance them with each other.

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Re: British Recce probe

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I would be inclined to have them engage each other without additional support & to do the same with defending infantry as the role of a recon unit is only really to fight in self defence unless against a similar unit screaming an enemy position. The average recon mission would I feel have an objective to reveal all the defenders locations and then to pull back to allow actual assault forces to deal with them.

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Re: British Recce probe

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I think the PZ recce Bn was structured to have the ability to punch a hole in a defended line to alow the ACs to shoot thru the hole deep behind enemy lines. And I think it was fairly common to have Recce vs recce fights as part of thier trade was recce counter recce and it seems like a viable fun game to me .....Mikey

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