Happy D-Day

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Happy D-Day

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Happy D Day folks, had planned on a long weekend of D Day related games (we get Monday as a PH for Liz's birthday) but that got knocked on the head last weekend when the coach and manager of the under 11/6's at my club had a spat with each other and both walked out, so as club secretary I was going to have to step in and look after the kids, but then on Thursday good old Mother Nature really chucked a hammer in the works by deciding that I needed to enjoy the experience of kidney stones so I spent the day pissing blood and dieing from the pain. So that meant the whole weekend was thrown out the door :cry: :cry: so I am now trying to watch the movie instead, but hey the pain killers the doc gave me are making me sort of mellow at the moment but no games, can't stand up too long at the moment.

hope you all fare better and can have a game in memory of the day

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Re: Happy D-Day

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oh man, get better soon!

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Re: Happy D-Day

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Feel better !!

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