PTO Here we go!

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Re: PTO Here we go!

Post by Emilio »

A couple of Pak36 were used by the japanese at Guadalcanal.

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Re: PTO Here we go!

Post by gatetraveller »

Great timing! I am just getting ready to start painting my Japanese and Marine forces. I can't wait to see the finished lists.

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Re: PTO Here we go!

Post by Lujke »

Its great to see some new lists for the PTO as this is my favorite theater of the war to game in and I have a large Japanese army that I love to get on the table.

I came across this document in another group today that may be helpful and is also an interesting read. This is a scanned copy of the 'Soldiers Guide to the Japanese Army' ... mber27.pdf

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Re: PTO Here we go!

Post by Richard »

Right chaps, can we discuss knee mortars? I think they are currently too powerful. I am considering making fire at all targets, visible or not, as effective range (so 5 and 6 to hit). If the target is visible they roll for hits reducing cover by one level. If the target is not visible cover is not reduced.

Any opinions on that?


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Re: PTO Here we go!

Post by Nick B »

I'm not sure that the size of charge in the round actually warrants any reduction in cover (and the same would apply to 2" and 50mm) so definitely agree with the cover rule.

In the games we have had we have not found them overpowering. I feel the biggest issue is probably the terrain folk use. IMO most tables for this theatre simply do not have enough close terrain. I feel in most cases (be it jungle or tall grass) the table should be covered, with clearings, rather than patches of cover with huge open expances. Thus in our games it is exceptional to get a shot with the target directly in sight.

It has the same effect in the end but I'm not sure that a better solution would be to limit ammo instead (4 rounds per weapon?)with the usual resupply rules.



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Re: PTO Here we go!

Post by Peter »


Would this apply to rile-grenades - inparticular the French rfle-grenade teams - as well? I suspect that they are a bit overpowered at teh moment, and this would certainly curtail them.


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Re: PTO Here we go!

Post by topi »

Yes, I think the ability to fire anywhere, as long as some friendly unit sees target, is quite powerful. Maybe only if a JL or SL sees the target?

Plus grenades are basicly same size as hand grenade, so reducing cover when target is not in LOS is maybe on the strong side for an effect, too? I have played only with and against the French - grouped rifle grenades are not a game breaker, but constant rain of them is quite effective, even if we do not allow for cover reduction.

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Re: PTO Here we go!

Post by batesmotel34 »

Looking at Wikipedia, it looks like the knee mortar could fire both a 50mm contact detonated mortar shell and grenades. I have no idea what the normal mix of ammo would be but it seems like this should be take into account. The grenades fired were apparently time fused so could be fired from within jungle/forest without the chance of accidental detonation due to hitting foliage, etc, but had a much smaller explosive charge than the 50mm HE mortar round which was best fired from a clearing to avoid accidental detonation. Maybe these two situations can be handled separate for effect and chances to hit?


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Re: PTO Here we go!

Post by aphillathehun »

I wish you'd fix it so that you can't fire onboard mortars (knee mortars or whatever) at a target you or an attached leader can't see. The implied "radio headsets/GPS based tactical maps for everyone" feeling they have now is very unrealistic.

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Re: PTO Here we go!

Post by sackatatties »

Knee mortars were actually a very flexible weapon. They were rifled and could launch shells or modified (an attachment on an otherwise standard) grenades with time fuses set as needed. They were also fires using a lanyard. They were certainly not liked by allied troops when they were on the receiving end according to the accounts that I've read.

Blind fire was usually for ambush by sound detection prior to the furore. Hand grenades were used in the same way in thick jungle, by both sides. The problem with blind fire is that they are too accurate at the moment.

I'd suggest leaving them as they are for observed fire (uses shells) but only if the TEAM can see the target. Reduce the damage to 1 firepower point if firing blind as these would be grenades set to drop through the canopy rather than shells. Japanese grenades of this type were not that good. Certainly not as effective as a Mills bomb.

Bear in mind that a reduction in effectiveness being suggested elsewhere in this thread should also mean a reduction in the team required to man the weapon. Should they be adopted.

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