US armoured infantry integral mortar unit.

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Re: US armoured infantry integral mortar unit.

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I was about to post a thank you for both documents, which are excellent, until I realised that I thought I had a finished armoured infantry platoon. Now I think I need a few more men and to work out the points again. However I can at least play with them as they are.
It is interesting that the manual refers to the MGs as being either for mounted or dismounted use rather than both. This clears up whether the platoon should be carrying even more kit around with them.

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Re: US armoured infantry integral mortar unit.

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While each halftrack could dismount it's vehicular MG (and even had a tripod for this purpose), it doesn't seem like this was common practice. FM 17-40 suggests using the vehicular MG as support fire from defilade as this picture from pg 107 demonstrates.
Notice that all five half-tracks as well as the mortar squad and HQ squad stay back (the squad leader of the HQ squad was generally responsible for directing support fire) while two rifle squads and the MG squad advance dismounted.

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