CoC - What scale do you play?

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CoC - What scale do you play?

Post by MAsta_KFC »

Hi Guys,

Just wondering what scale that you guys play CoC and why? I have some 15mm FoW minis that I'm planning to use, yet I also see many games that are in 28mm and look gorgeous!

Do you use your scale because it's what you already have, or visual aspects, or cost aspects or any other reason?


Nick B
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Re: CoC - What scale do you play?

Post by Nick B »

At our club we play in both 15mm and 28mm.

28mm - visually appealing. I guess we really started in this scale - due to the photos in the book and the figures used in the YouTube vids being 28mm. A number of guys also had figures for the likes of Bolt Action.

15mm - we find gives a little more manouvre room and looks a less cramped. Also we have started to branch out into other forces so buying a platoon and support choices is cheaper and faster to paint up to get on the table. That way we can do e.g. British infantry, paras, Commandos, 8th Army rather than just one force due to cost constraints.

Whilst we will not stop playing in 28mm I can see us playing more and more in 15mm.

However, it's all down to your preferances - no "right" or "wrong" answer.



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Re: CoC - What scale do you play?

Post by jafo »

I opted for 20mm for slightly odd reasons - It allows the use of 1:72 / 1:76 models & scenery and it's also close to the scale used for Hornby railway scenery.

My everso cunning stratagem is to be able to claim some of my scenery purchases as dual use for the model railway that I know my kid will be getting off his granddad one of these days.

I can't paint worth toffee so pre-made model buildings are pretty easy to get at that scale and ex- partwork diecast tanks aren't too expensive. :)

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Re: CoC - What scale do you play?

Post by Seret »

28mm. Guys at my club already had other armies in this scale (it's pretty much wall-to-wall 28mm for every period TBH), so lots of terrain was ready to go. That keeps the cost and effort required to get stuck in down. Paint up a platoon and go. Starting from scratch in 15mm would have involved a lot more effort.

There's a decent amount of 28mm stuff available these days, although still not as much or as cheaply as 15mm. It has to be said Warlord are doing a great job bringing out 28mm WW2 stuff.

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Re: CoC - What scale do you play?

Post by Peter »

15s for me, though many at the club would prefer 28mm. If I were playing 28's, I'd like it on a large table with scale doubled; anything else would look too croweded to me.

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Re: CoC - What scale do you play?

Post by Archdukek »

I went with 28mm for much the same reason as Nick B - they looked gorgeous in the rules and videos and it was a good excuse to buy new toys. I also like 28mm for "skirmish" games Fortunately the a Club has plenty of terrain in that scale so that has become the norm for us.

I have however enjoyed the games I have played in 15mm. There is a match to the ground scale and it looks better in some ways. I also enjoyed playing in 20mm for the same reason. (Yes I admit it I have a German force in all 3 scales, but only Russians as opposition in 20mm.).

Had I been sensible I would have used my 15mm collection since I had both figures and terrain. If I was starting from scratch I would probably pick 20mm as being a good balance as well as having access to lots of kit. :D

Whichever scale is used its a great game.


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Re: CoC - What scale do you play?

Post by SteveBurt »

20mm, because I already have thousands of figures and hundreds of vehicles for every theatre in that scale.

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john de terre neuve
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Re: CoC - What scale do you play?

Post by john de terre neuve »

20 mm for me.

15mm painted two armies, sold them, did not like for skirmish as too small to distinguish weapons.

28mm very nice, but too much work to paint (I paint Napoleonics, I do not need more painting). Terrain more expensive and need bigger table. Vehicles too big.

20mm. Good for 4x6 terrain, use 15 or 20mm terrain, vehicles nice size, can distinguish weapons. Lot of choices in plastic (cheap) and in metal (CP and AB are some of my favourite models).


Steve J
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Re: CoC - What scale do you play?

Post by Steve J »

10mm planned as it fits in with my scenery and large range of vehicles. Am tempted into 15mm as my regular gaming chum has US and Germans at this size already, plus the scenery.

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Re: CoC - What scale do you play?

Post by Hugh »

28mm for me. I like the visual of that scale. I also leverage terrain from other 28mm games I play like Dux Brit and Saga. If not for the existing terran collection I probably would have gone with 15mm to leverage my large FOW collection which is now gathering dust.

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