Big CoC Game Update

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Re: Big CoC Game Update

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Truscott Trotter wrote:I agree with Mike - I do not think the intention is for an Infantry NCO to be able to direct tanks by activating them.
I still see no logical reason why a SL can activate an anti-tank gun that is part of the anti-tank platoon of the rifle battalion's HQ company but not activate an assault gun that is part of the assault-gun platoon of the armored infantry battalion's HQ company.

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Re: Big CoC Game Update

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In large part I would have thought the difference would be the relative physical difficulty of directing a vehicle compared with a weapons team. If that is being represented by not being able to use a 4 to activate a vehicle, I don't have an issue.


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Re: Big CoC Game Update

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There is no way an infantry NCO can activate any armoured vehicle. He just isn't in the same food chain. I would allow a Ranking Senior Leader that option, he has probably got three pips or a Crown on his shoulder, so they'll listen to him. If an AT gun is attached to a platoon as a support option (or an MG, or a mortar), they I'd allow a senior leader to activate that, but never a junior leader.


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Re: Big CoC Game Update

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Thanks Rich figured that was the intent

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Re: Big CoC Game Update

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Gentlemen, as I see it , the platoon is commanded by a Lieutenant with a Platoon Sergeant ( both S.L,) The squads/ sections commanded by Sgts / Corporals , mine are Cpls, which are J.L. The only time we,ll see Captains or above will be when we have more than 1 x platoon fielded ( Big CoC ) A tank will generally be commanded by a Sgt who will answer to his own superiors if it is lost, quite apart from the danger to his crew if forced to abandon it. I can,t see him taking orders from a foot slogger when his primary motivation is probably to return to his parent unit intact.

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