was it my imagination?

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was it my imagination?

Post by andy_cole »

I'm sure I read somewhere that Rich was working on an official modern/sci fi version of Coc, or was it all in my imagination?

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Re: was it my imagination?

Post by Archdukek »

Not your imagination. Rich has indeed confirmed that work is in progress on a Modern version of Chain of Command, I think partly driven by some of the Upside down Lardies. I think it is due out later this year.

He was also threatening to include a Sci-Fi Space Pixies variant in the last Summer Special, but held it back and is working on a more developed version which probably won't appear until next year sometime.

Big Bob
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Re: was it my imagination?

Post by Big Bob »

Looking forward to CoC in Space!

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Re: was it my imagination?

Post by Arlequín »

I'm involved in the 'Bush Wars'/Rhodesia version, but I wouldn't call it 'modern' as it ended over 30 years ago... my project-partner is an Upside-down Lardy, but at best I'm just backwards.

There may or may not be something more recent in the works, but I know nothing of it myself... although I have no more insight into other projects than the rest of you.


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Re: was it my imagination?

Post by sunjester »

Some of the guys at Tring have been using CoC for the 1980s Russian Invasion of Afghanistan. You can see what they have been up to here:
https://sites.google.com/site/tringwarg ... of-command ;)


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Re: was it my imagination?

Post by Nellkyn »

I think I recall Rich mention that CoC Modern would be launched at Salute next year.

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