Comprehensive AFV Lists

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Re: Comprehensive AFV Lists

Post by Lorne »

hedgehobbit wrote:
Lorne wrote:After that, probably have to gird my loins, take a deep breath and dive into either of the US or USSR biggies that remain (oddly) unloved and unclaimed.

hedgehobbit wrote:I would have asked to do the US list but I assumed someone else would want to. If no one else wants to work on it, I'll come up with a base list.
Even a starter featuring the principle vehicles would be great. There's a template on the site - dates of service are valuable data as they'll be very influential in the creation of lists for CoC.

I'd also assumed the prominence of the US would have attracted some volunteers which is why I've personally been focusing on the second tier nations so far.

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Re: Comprehensive AFV Lists

Post by evillsvain »

Hi Lorne,

I must apologize for the lack of lists I've said I'd be putting together. The same old song Too much to do and too little time has been playing in my record player for sometime now... I'll try to get at least a base list for the Soviets done next weekend. By the way, I read that you've almost ready with the Finns list so a big hurray to you and a big boo to me :) If I find something to add to that list I'll PM you!



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