LMG against vehicles

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Captain W Martin
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Re: LMG against vehicles

Post by Captain W Martin »

I have musing with the idea that any vehicle with a armour rating of 2 or less should be vulnerable to all small arms fire at close range as per the LMG rule.

E.G. if I'm in a Sdkfz222 and a British rifle team fire at me at close range I need to make a save or roll on 0 net hits.

It would certainly make one creep about a bit more in them.

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Re: LMG against vehicles

Post by 7dot62mm »

We've been playing quite a few Winter War games lately and I feel that just the LMG is powerful enough - the light tanks do get shock from being fired at by them and the thing about tanks is that they only need to get a couple of points and it is over.

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