Question about "Ambush"

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Question about "Ambush"

Post by FlexD »

Player A uses chain of command dice to execute an Ambush(2 man Team)
Player B has a section on overwatch.
After Player A performs his ambush, Player B fires his overwatch, killing 1, and adding 2 shock'

Here's the question:
Is player A allowed to remove the ambush team since the overwatch killed 1, and added 2 schock, causing the Ambush team to be pinned. In our game we decided to allow player A to remove his team performing the ambush.

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Re: Question about "Ambush"

Post by DougM »

I would play that you could remove the team.

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Re: Question about "Ambush"

Post by Archdukek »

No, I'd say that being Pinned means that they cannot now withdraw. They are stuck and vulnerable to further enemy attacks. Seems an appropriate penalty for trying to undertake an ambush in an area which the enemy has covered by an overwatching team.


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Re: Question about "Ambush"

Post by Munin »

If it's a 2-man team and you killed one and added two Shock, that team isn't Pinned, it's Broken.

But in either case, I would think Pinned or Broken would take precedence over being able to be removed from the table. After all, if you removed the Pinned team and redeployed them later, would they deploy Pinned? Also, getting picked up from the table implies movement, and Pinned/Broken teams cannot move - another vote for leaving them where they are.

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Greg Bradfield
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Re: Question about "Ambush"

Post by Greg Bradfield »

Agree with Munin the team is in fact broken and therefore needs to stay on the table and fall back. If not rallied by turns end it will suffer the normal fate. If you choose to remove it you are removing a broken unit and therefore I will say it needs to suffer its fate in the same manner as turns end.

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Re: Question about "Ambush"

Post by Emilio »

But, if the team is broken, it must retire 6+2D6 inches directly away from the enemy which cused them to break. So, their path for retiring is not the same that they came onto the table? From ambush?

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Re: Question about "Ambush"

Post by Peter »

I can't see the problem: the unit has broken in the normal way and the conditions of the ambush have been over-ridden. Normally you would hope to fade in, shoot and fade out, but in this case the enemy were watching the ambush point. The ambushers (or at least the player) would have known this and took the risk of suffering the return fire.


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