Looking to trade support options

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Looking to trade support options

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Since CoC usually only needs 1-2 of each of the support options, I'm guessing there are many armies out there with extras. So in hopes of trading my extras for your extras in 15mm...

Want: (NOTE: all requests for Italian figures are for Fucilieri)
1 Schwarzlose MMG or Browning 30 cal M1917 or Browning 1919 & crew (or a separate Italian mmg crew)
2 Bofors 37mm anti tank guns
Italian anti tank gun figures
1 GebK 15 howitzer (FOW GE553) or Skoda Mountain Gun (Old Glory True North PLE13)
2 Italian Fucilieri light machine guns figures
1 Italian mortar team (don't need the mortar since it's for a non-Italian light mortar)
1 toldi tank

Have: (NOTE: all figures are Battlefront Flames of War)
2 Romanian R1 Cavalry Light Tanks (RO005)
3 Italian Fucilieri officers with pistols & helmets from platoon pack IT702
1 Italian Fucilieri officer with soft cap & hands behind his back from company HQ IT701
1 Italian Fucilieri hero officer with soft cap & rifle from company HQ IT701
1 Italian artillery officer with binoculars & helmet from artillery group ISO101
2 Italian parachutist flame throwers from parachute platoon IT743
8 Finnish rifles in helmets & 1 officer in soft cap & pistol from summer Jaakari Platoon FI703
1 Soviet 76mm OBR 1927 infantry gun & 4 crew
I am also getting a large second hand lot of Soviet infantry & artillery, so will have more of those to trade sooner or later

I'm in California, so prefer to trade within the US. Please PM me if interested in a trade.

Thanks for looking

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