Old Hickory rules question

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Tom Ballou
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Old Hickory rules question

Post by Tom Ballou »

My group is about to start the Old Hickory Campaign. We are really looking forward to it but in our preparation we came across one issue that we wanted to ask about. It concerns the Air Power rule.

According to our reading of the rules on turn one the Germans can only attack on Red 1 or Orange 1. So it seems that the US player could assign ALL of his forces to one of those zones and then use the Air Power to attack the other. This will result in either: 1. The Germans fighting all of the US forces. -OR- 2. The Air Power disperses the German assault.

Is that correct or are we missing something? It seems a little odd to us but it maybe what the campaign designers wanted.

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Re: Old Hickory rules question

Post by JimLeCat »

Yes, it looks like you can do that, but I don't see why you would.

Firstly, allocating all your forces to one zone at first just gives you a larger force than you can manage with just 5CD.

Secondly, you only get two uses of Airpower, so while makes some sense to use them at the start when you have 50/50 chance of them being effective, it also makes sense to keep them to the end if the campaign - after all, if you have to fall back on the final table, then they have a 100% chance of being effective! They also do no harm to the German forces, they just run down the campaign turn clock, which may be more important later (remember the Germans only have to win three games to win the campaign).

Thirdly, you can freely reallocate the infantry assets between tables between games, but the anti-tank guns are slower to move and get a free entrenchment the first time they are deployed. Allocating all your guns to the same zone at first just means you may not have them where you need them later and may have to buy new entrenchments for them or do without.

Lastly, the Germans get lots of support points and no limit on use of supports, so by putting all your eggs in one basket on turn one you may just be giving them the chance to write your forces down early on.

It is certainly a valid gambit at the start if the campaign, since you get limited reinforcements in turn 2, and it gives you a decent chance of getting through turn one cheaply or a fair fight otherwise, but I would allocate the guns more evenly and be careful about deploying more forces than needed.

That's my two pennies worth, anyway.


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Re: Old Hickory rules question

Post by batesmotel34 »

The Americans used their air strikes in the first couple turns in the Old Hickory campaign I ran and lost the campaign fairly quickly. So its's certainly legal but probably my not the best use of their limited resource,.


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