Goumiers in French Service 1942-44

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Goumiers in French Service 1942-44

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The thread on Free French armored infantry reminded me of a matter concerning which I've occasionally meditated, namely the addition of a section of goumiers to a French force in Tunisia or Italy. Would it look basically like an infantry section? Any special rules? Have any of the local experts looked into the matter? Merci bien.

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Re: Goumiers in French Service 1942-44

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I think you should play them as regular infantry because they were reorganized after june 1940 to fill regular army missions . Special rules should focus on their speed and their fighting ability . Here are the rules I intended to submit for them :
Cavalry on foot : during the patrol phase , patrol markers for Goumiers move 15", not 12" . They can stay 15" apart , not 12" .
Zidou l'goudem : as long as they are with an attached leader, they ignore the first shock point as do aggressive troops , and can move 2d6 in tactical mode , assuming tactical stance at the end . If leaderless, they just keep the tactical move advantage, 2d6 . If fired upon with their leader , and he is wounded , roll 1d6 as normal , with minus 1 on the result of this dice roll .

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