Loss of carrier support.

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Re: Loss of carrier support.

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Archduke is talking Late War and rulebook TT, with 4 men per carrier. :-)
For information the Blitzkreig Supplement lists the carriers as having 2 crew and JL, so 3 men in total appropriate as Seret says for Early War.

It can seem slightly odd at first glance that a half track, be it M3 or SDkfz 251, is the support unit from the list, so its loss would trigger a BTH roll for loss of a support unit even if the squad in it bails out OK since the platoon has lost its transport. However, I've always considered the carrier support to be the Team in it, just as I would the German Recconnaissance Team in the 250, and ignore the loss of the vehicle which does not belong to the core platoon and therefore it's loss is of less consequence to them.


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Re: Loss of carrier support.

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Sorry John
That will teach me to post while walking the dog!

I was getting mixed up with answering bob696's post about-real life crew numbers

As you say rules are quite clear on p91
1 Carrier - 1 3 man Bren team and a JL
2 Carrier sections - 2 x 3 man teams with choice of weapons from -2 brens, 1 PIAT, 1 2" mortar
Presumably you could dismount them with rifles?
Also I tend to arm my JL with an SMG in LW although it is more for being able to recognise hiom than any advantage in firepower.

In RL as per the diagram in old thread they are 2 man Bren teams, 1 JL per carrier section (3) and drivers can dismount.
Other crew act as observer and 2" mortar but could presumably operate PIAT instead

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Re: Loss of carrier support.

Post by PatG »

No, because a tank crew aren't supposed to dismount and fight on foot.
As it happens, I have just finished reading several accounts of just this happening, often after the tank was knocked out. The unit in question had been infantry before converting over to armour so they had the skills and confidence. Even so, foot combat didn't happen often enough to make it anything other than a device for scenario game play.

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