Ranges - Close, Effective, and Long. Where is the Long?

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Re: Ranges - Close, Effective, and Long. Where is the Long?

Post by Archdukek » Sat May 20, 2017 2:55 am

The recommendation in Big Chain of Command is to add another 1' per additional platoon to either the width or length depending which way you are playing. That's only an extra 40m approximately per platoon. That doesn't require a significant change to ranges, so most Big CoC games work as normal.

I can see that aphilla's desire to add an extra 400m to the length of his table might need a little thought. However, he would also need to think through the implications for the Patrol Phase and the placing of JOPs which as Seret has pointed out usually mean that both sides start within 36" of each other.

You could deploy the JOPs in some other way but it could make for a somewhat tedious game if both sides spent most of their time marching towards each other. CoC is all about the combat at the very tip of the spear, not the approach marches to reach that point.


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Re: Ranges - Close, Effective, and Long. Where is the Long?

Post by Arlequín » Sat May 20, 2017 8:05 am

I've always thought the 18" (60 yards) - 6' (240 yard) 'effective range' dictated by the 'typical table' to be pretty accurate in terms of stated engagement ranges in WWII (typically <300 yards). So sure, if your table is bigger than that, you could probably do with a 'long range' and a simple +1 (+16%) to what is there already won't break the game and will provide suitably difficult shots.

I know that the 'manual' platoon frontages in the SCW were 50-150 metres, as required by circumstances, so having two platoons across a 4' (160m) table edge wouldn't be that odd.

What a deeper table offers is defence in depth and certainly while it suits the attacker to be close-to when the battle starts, it could give the defender more options, especially if the Patrol Phase is confined to a 6x4 area at the attacker's end of the table; there's no reason a big table has to be divided equally after all.

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