Anglo Dutch War

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Martin Lefebvre
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Anglo Dutch War

Post by Martin Lefebvre »

Has anybody tried Kiss Me Hardy for the Anglo Dutch Wars?

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Re: Anglo Dutch War

Post by Cgh »

Somewhat late answer and a first post so hello everyone.

I'm looking to do the same and had the following thoughts:

Dutch are Jolly Jack Tars

English downgraded to Jack Tars (roll on the Sand Cullottes table for elite/average/poor instead of the JJT table.  Apart from that as JJT. 

No sailing closer than 60 degrees to the wind instead of 45 as the ships wheel isn't invented yet.

No Carronade guns.

English Jack Tars get +1d6 for boarding instead of +2d6 for JJT's as I believe the English weren't as keen on boarding as the Dutch as they preferred to pound the enemy leading to the overloaded English ships with gun ports way too close to the sea.

Running aground.  Simply add one to the Dutch score to represent the shallower draught so a 5,6 would become a 6, a 1,2 to be a 1,2,3 etc.   If it's a six already just keep that.




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Re: Anglo Dutch War

Post by DeRuyter »

A late response. Nice job with the modifications. Just to clarify no square rigged ship should be able to sail closer than 60 degrees to the wind. It is not to do with the wheel, just the way the rigging is set up - the geometry if you will. The ships were generally not as weatherly that is correct but I would adjust the speed lower when going close hauled as a way to simulate that.

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