FiW Provincial Uniforms

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FiW Provincial Uniforms

Post by Fettster »

I'm still researching, but fancy some Provincials. Would it be OK to paint British line as provincials or was there a massive uniform difference?

If there is a big difference any recommendations for provincial figures that would fit in with my existing conquest/Warlord stuff to which I am going to add Front Rank figures.
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Re: FiW Provincial Uniforms

Post by Archdukek »

Galloping Major produce some of the best FIW figures out there in my opinion including Provincials. They work well with Front Rank. I don't have any Warlord to compare.

Personally I wouldn't have a problem using line figures painted to represent Provincials if that's what you have, though the specific GM figures I use are lovely. Just remember that any Provincials are more likely to be in campaign rather than parade dress.


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Re: FiW Provincial Uniforms

Post by Captain Reid »

The Conquest figures that Warlord distribute are noticeably smaller than Galloping Major, Redoubt and North Star figures, both in height and girth.

They do okay when fielded in their own units but look odd when mixed in.

I agree with John that the Galloping Major figures are super. I used a mix of their colonials in uniform and militia to represent the Viriginia Regiment
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