Landguard Fort 1667

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Landguard Fort 1667

Post by Nosher »

Next year marks the 350th anniversary of Darell's Day - The Dutch attempt to neutralise Landguard Fort.

I wondered whether SP2 might stretch back to cover 1667 so that we can use the game to lay on a demo at Languard Fort in 2017.

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Re: Landguard Fort 1667

Post by Redbad »

Sounds like a fun project, Nosher!
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Re: Landguard Fort 1667

Post by andy_cole »

I'm sure I'll actually meet you for real one day Nosher. If you are going to do this I will at least come down and support you, after all I live less a fifteen minutes walk away from languard.
If you look back to last year there is a thread discussing S.P.1 for the ECW and over on the yahoo group there is a set of draft rules for you to start with.
What scale are you planning, are you going to do the whole fort?
I assume you've talked to the fort, if not I count a number of their volunteers amongst my customers.

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