Zulu War - would sharp practice work ??

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Zulu War - would sharp practice work ??

Post by fourpipers »

I have a big collection of 28m Zulu Wars figures and was interested to know if SP2 could be used. If so does any one have suitable lists or suggestions ?

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Re: Zulu War - would sharp practice work ??

Post by Rich H »

We considered it - the difficulty is the rifled breech loaders and the zulus need some special considerations for their tactics.

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Re: Zulu War - would sharp practice work ??

Post by Captain Reid »

Both sides really.

The British Regulars need some mechanism to allow them to move from open order firing line to rally square.

It's possible that you could just allow that the usual group of 8 Regulars in fact represents not close but a more extended order - then there'd be no real issue. However in that case you still need to balance the fact that the Zulu found it extraordinarily difficult to break the British when the latter were in square (as at Isandlwhana where the bulk of the 24th (as well as some of the white mounted troops) held out for a very long time in company or two-company squares - long after the fugitives had left the field - and where by the Zulu's own accounts they were reduced to using their own dead as shields against the bayonets).

I think SP2 can definitely do this conflict but it needs more than a wee tweak in my view.
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Re: Zulu War - would sharp practice work ??

Post by Richard »

Agreed with Captain Reid. The issue is not just one of weapons becoming more effective, but also of a seed change in infantry tactics as a result. None of this is beyond the wit of man, we just haven't done it yet. A colonial supplement is planned, starting out with me working on some Cape Frontier War forces and then moving onwards to Zulus and Matabele.


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Re: Zulu War - would sharp practice work ??

Post by grimegt »

Here's a link to an earlier discussion about Zulus:

I've fooled around with this a couple times and it seems to work. It still needs more tweaks but it's been fun so far.

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