Attaching Leaders

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Attaching Leaders

Post by mr.wargames »


On page 24 it says:

A Leader is attached to a Group as long as he
remains within 2” of the Group.

When in formation of two or more groups, the leader is attached to one of its groups? Or is attached to the formation?

Because in page 22 I found that:
To influence a unit, a Leader must be
attached to the Group or a Group within the
Formation, or be within his Command Range.

or can we also say (?):
A Leader is attached to a Formation as long as he
remains within 2” of the formation.

Also in Fisticuffs the leader influencies a group in the formation. Not all the formation? right?

What I understood from the defenitions of group and formation, is that group is the fundamental element of the game, and formation is just a way of conducting two or more groups, to move and fire.
And particulary in firing allowding volleys which is not permitted to groups.


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Re: Attaching Leaders

Post by Kustenjaeger »


"Page 7. A leader is attached to a Group as long as he remains within 2" of it. He can only be attached to one Group at a time."

A leader will therefore be attached to a Formation if the Group he is attached to is part of that Formation. The illustration on page 24 shows how this works.


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Re: Attaching Leaders

Post by bandrsntch »

Kustenjaeger is correct. Our Group was confused about a leader "directing" fire of a formation(See bottom of page 22). We were adding his level in dice to each Group in the Formation firing, but then decided he only adds his level once to the whole formation. So a Formation of 3 Groups of 8 men with a Level 3 Leader would roll 24 dice plus 3 dice if the Leader is directing the fire(i.e. using his initiative to activate the unit(formation) to fire. Its important to keep track of which Group your leader is attached to since if that Group takes casualties, there is a chance your leader may be hit. When you roll for the effect of hits on your formation, you need to divide the hits among the Groups first and roll separately for effect(Table 11)especially if a leader is attached to one of the Groups. Some of this is not inherently obvious from reading the rules, but once you play a game you will see how it works.

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Re: Attaching Leaders

Post by Rich H »

Yep, attached to groups only so his group has to take a casualties before the leader can be hit.

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