Would you play with unpainted figs?

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Re: Would you play with unpainted figs?

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nicholascaldwell wrote:Good heavens, man! Get those figures on the table! The biggest incentive to painting is to play a game without painted miniatures. And if you never paint them - so what? It's more important to have an enjoyable memory of a fun game with friends.

I'm envious - all I have time for at the moment is painting (due to 6 month old junior gamer). If I could sneak in a couple of hours for a game I'd use jelly babies for units if I had to!

Nick, that 6-month old junior gamer will be a full partner sooner than you think! I started both of mine with Songs of Blades and Heroes, the basic concepts are easy for them to grasp. My younger gamer still runs a warband made of Littlest Petshop figures that is deadly. My older gamer wrote a character for SoBH that made it into the new version.

The older gamer (now 13), first graduated to Chain of Command, and is now my opponent for SP2 - and smeared me! One thing I have found that helps, is to have him articulate what he wants the unit to do, then explain it using the rule system. They are surprisingly smart that way. "Dad, I think these guys should move up to the wall then shoot your guys", is turned to, "Okay, roll these dice and see if they make it to the wall". "Dad, I want to wait here until you run across the street" becomes "set up on overwatch."

Even the younger one works to add surprise to any game. "Honey, the grey bunny rabbit (spy) is hiding in one of these 3 buildings. Write down a number showing which building it is in and don't show it to me." - gives me a random objective.

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Re: Would you play with unpainted figs?

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@sespe -- that is so awesome that I shared it with my wife (my current opponent for most games). Especially about getting a character published! Thanks so much for posting that.

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