British Peninsular War Dragoons

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British Peninsular War Dragoons

Post by Blackout07 »

I have a small British Peninsular war force. And I want to add some Cavalry to my force. But I don't know what cavalry units historically participated in that campaign. I can see that there is, Light Dragoons, Dragoons, and Life Guard. What models would be a good choice for each of these units?

As far as I can tell, British Dragoons and British Life Guards, has the same stats. but not the same price. Why?

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Re: British Peninsular War Dragoons

Post by Archdukek »

Given the nature of most Sharp Practice skirmishes you will find the light cavalry more useful since they would more often be found in these kinds of fights. The Dragoons and Life Guards are both Heavy Cavalry and more commonly reserved for major battles.
So a box of Light Dragoons or Hussars from Perry Miniatures should fit the bill. You might want to pick up a couple of metal reinforcements or a spare sprue since cavalry come in units of 8 figures in SP and ideally you want two groups as a minimum. ... ts_id=3278

Life Guards cost more because they have a higher opinion of themselves and wouldn’t be seen dead on any list which gave them the same value as mere Dragoons. :D


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Re: British Peninsular War Dragoons

Post by Levi the Ox »

A handful of the Light Dragoon Regiments did convert to Hussars during the period, although I don't know if any of the natively British hussar units served in the peninsula. The 1st KGL Hussars did.

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Re: British Peninsular War Dragoons

Post by BaronVonWreckedoften »

Levi - All four of the "native" British hussar units (7th, 10th, 15th and 18th) served in the Peninsula at various times, as did all three KGL hussar regiments.

Blackout - I would agree with John (Archdukek) that light cavalry are your best option, as the heavy cavalry were usually kept in reserve for massed offensive action, and not parcelled out to the infantry in SP-sized formations. I also agree that the Perry plastic hussar/light dragoon boxes will fit the bill nicely, and relatively inexpensively. As he points out, you will need an extra sprue or two, as the boxes contain an officer, a trumpeter and up to 12 troopers, so not quite enough figures for two 8-man groups plus leaders. Personally, I like to include a sergeant as an extra leader alongside the officer and trumpeter when there are two groups, which gives 19 figures in all; the sergeant is in charge when it's just one group.
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Re: British Peninsular War Dragoons

Post by Rodders »

The 7th & 10th Hussars arrived in Coruna November 1808 if that's of any help.(CRB Barrett 7th Hussars Vol 2)


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Re: British Peninsular War Dragoons

Post by DougM »

And the Kings German Legion Hussars were a very highly regarded unit, who saw a lot of action. They would be my pick, but the Light Dragoon uniforms are also very appealing.

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Re: British Peninsular War Dragoons

Post by SteveBurt »

If you buy a box of the Perry plastics, one command pack of the Perry metals lets you make two 8 man units

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Re: British Peninsular War Dragoons

Post by Peter »

If you buy two boxes, three units!

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