Allocation of firing hits

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Allocation of firing hits

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Hi again. During last nights SP2 game an interesting comment arose during a musketry exchange.
As the umpire I applied the firing and target hit allocations as per the rules but one of the players pointed out an apparent oddity in the rules.
We had a two group British formation firing at a two group French formation at close range. Behind and in line with the first French formation was a second two group formation about 3" behind. The rules example on p46 is quite clear. Hits should be allocated on all four French groups and because they were all within close range no extra levels of cover were applied. So far so good.
However it was pointed out that if the French had a skirmish screen in front of the second formation that second formation would benefit from a level of cover better. As they were preceded by a line formation (i.e. more dense and likely to absorb most of the fire and hits) they appear to have a disadvantage which seemed a bit odd on reflection.
Our take on this is that we would apply a skirmish screen as per the rules example but would regard target "A" bottom right p46 as "protected by line unit "B" unless in base contact where the column rules and firing bonus apply.
I wondered if anyone else has had a similar thought on this.
Paul C

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Re: Allocation of firing hits

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Hi Paul,
To my mind a skirmish screen has to be in front of the original target unit for the skirmish screen rule to apply. They are effectively distracting the original firers to a degree. If there was a screen in front of the second formation I would just treat it as another group which had to share the hits and not confer any bonus on the groups behind.


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