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Query re "A Bloody Morning on V Beach"

Posted: Sun Jan 26, 2014 9:40 am
by p.godden
Can you tell me the size of the table for the scenario, "A Bloody Morning on V Beach", in the Summer Special 2011?


Re: Query re "A Bloody Morning on V Beach"

Posted: Fri Apr 03, 2015 2:48 pm
by Alan Lauder
Hi all,
I'm eyeing off A Bloody Morning at V Beach (and wasn't it that, indeed) for my Centenary game for April 25th (ANZAC Cove is a bit tricky on the terrain side of things). I'm struggling with scale (as per the previous poster) when I look at the scenario in the 2011 Summer Special.

The map provided is dominated by V Beach (fair enough, too) but with V beach being discussed as being 300 yards long and the ground scale of ITLSU being 1" = 62.5 yards, my rough calculations, given the map provided, are suggesting a table of 18" by 10.25" - a bit small.

Am I getting too hung up on scale? Hard not to be in this business!

I'd welcome any ideas or someone pointing me in the direction of an alternative scenario. Of course I could just include more territory on the table, but given the focus of the scenario on the landing, there does not seem much point in doing that.

Looking forward to a good bit of action with these rules in the next few years. For the record, I'm working in 6mm and just using my roughly 1 1/4" square (30x30mm) based Irregular miniatures for Great War Spearhead II.


Re: Query re "A Bloody Morning on V Beach"

Posted: Sat Apr 04, 2015 3:11 am
by Bluesquill
Alan. We're in Adelaide and have been doing some planning for the Anzac landing for the 25 th but in 10 mm. To over come the terrain difficulties we got a train layup made with a slightly compressed detail of the immediate cove and the back areas. This is going to be played lengthwise down a 9x5 table with the cove area covering about 18" then the cliffs then the rest of the table out to the further most point reached on day 1. We've made a couple of changes to ITLSU mainly to introduce a second and third type of Australian/New Zealand troop class ( wild colonial boys and swaggies). We've also tinkered with the reinforcement and supply bits to provide more chaos.
We're starting off with the landing boats as blinds ( however given they're all boats this isn't too much of a disadvantage for the Turks).. The principle problem is the same as it was on the day : can the small number of Turks on the cliffs hold up the Anzacs long enough for Kemal et al to get the reserves into the action ( while wondering all the time what the hell is going on down south). We've given ourselves an entire day. A result will depend on how long the beer and pretzels last and who we can convince to go out for re supply.

Re: Query re "A Bloody Morning on V Beach"

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2015 4:32 am
by Alan Lauder
Sorry for the delay I replying. That sounds like its going to be a blast. I hope someone will write it up or post some pics online? With a week to go I can't foresee getting anything much done now (been busy with study, work ... you know those old time wasters!). I'm still painting my Turkish forces - actually been based for Great War Spearhead II but will adapt sort of OK for ITLSU, I believe. I just can't seem to get past the scale issue with V Beach so am thinking I might have a go at working toward an ANZAC Cove landing scenario over the next few weeks. I'm all thinking about the battles for Krithia. Good luck with your huge effort - hope the beer and pretzels hold out! Cheers Alan