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First game of M&B

Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 11:18 am
by Darren
Hi All,

Played our first game today. One French and one German platoon in 1914, on 6x8 table.

The object was to control a bridge. It was a stunning victory for the French. The Germans rolled badly while on blinds and struggled to get close to the bridge. We used the "En Avant" card to reflect the French "spirit of the offensive" that existed in 1914.

The large table allowed for a lot of moving. We had both side attempting flanking moves. For me this was the most interesting part of the game.

I was the only person who had played Lardies rules in the group; we found the rules were easy to play and flowed very well once got to about half way through the game when we knew what we were doing.

I do admit that I forgot to tell the other players about the "what for it" rule, this would help the Germans slow down French advance.

We're looking forward to our next game.


We"re looking forward to our next game.