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Post by barriemac »

I just saw this new release in Wargames Vault ... es?src=sub a bit rich methinks!

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Re: Plagiarism

Post by Archdukek »

Indeed and perhaps our Rich should have a word with Dobbies Hobbies. Though I don't know if you can claim copyright on a title which is a quote from another source. Still it would avoid confusion at the very least to call these something else.


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Re: Plagiarism

Post by mgluteus »

I think that since it is a title of WWI rules as is the TFL rules it could be attacked as plagiarism ( it took me 3 tries to spell that right!). I don't believe that they should get away with it. It seems to me to be a blatent attempt to cash in on the popularity of your rules by using the same name for the same period rules. The confusion it will cost among your actual and potential customers will cost you money! I think you should consult a solicitor (or whoever you consult in Britain).
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Re: Plagiarism

Post by TroubleAtTheMill »

On the general principle of not assuming malice, it wouldn't surprise me to discover the author's not heard of Mud and Blood. Slightly more surprising that Wargames Vault haven't.
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Re: Plagiarism

Post by Richard »

And you cannot claim ownership of a title of a book. You can't copyright it anyway. You could create a Trademark, but that would only be if you had created that trademark, so something that means nothing like "Bananafish". A well-known quote cannot be claimed.


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