Two Dux questions

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Two Dux questions

Post by Marie »

Can anyone help a newbie with these two questions?

1) In close combat you get an extra D6 for each class difference when troops face inferior foe.
If the attackers are a formation of 1 group of Elite and 1 of Warriors and they are facing a single group of Levy, how many extra D6 does the attacking formation get?

2) If a group are routed and must move directly towards their friendly table edge, what happens if their way is blocked by friendly troops? Is it treated like interpenetration (roll 2 D6)?
What if there are enemy troops in the way? Do they fight, or pass through?


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Derek H
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Re: Two Dux questions

Post by Derek H »

1) Three extra dice (it's not going to end well that one)
2) Will look at rules later.
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Re: Two Dux questions

Post by JimLeCat »

I see Derek beat me to the first one! ;^D

As to the second, I would allow them to go round obstructing troops if reasonably possible (I know, it isn't a hard and fast thing!). If their way is clearly blocked, then they burst through friends, causing shock to them, as per p.55, but enemies will cause them to either surrender or be overwhelmed and slaughtered (i.e. treat them as surrounded as per p.54), depending on whether the enemy want captives.

Hope that helps.


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