The Anarchy (1st Barons War)

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The Anarchy (1st Barons War)

Post by Actingashcroft »

I wondered whether anyone has come across Dux amendments/house rules for gaming this fascinating period? It seems the campaign system of Dux would be perfect for this time period- Barons could be loyal to either side (Stephen or Matilda/Robert of Gloucester)or just out to gain more power for themselves (e.g. Fighting for whoever currently is able to offer greater rewards!) Maybe even game before her invasion- when Stephen was fighting the Welsh, the Scottish and the English nobles? Any thoughts or pointers? Really like the look of Dux but I only have room for one more period and have been fascinated by this period and its events recently.

Cheers for reading- Mark

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Re: The Anarchy (1st Barons War)

Post by Peter »

I seem to recall that there was talk of a 'Normans in Sicily variant, but I don't think that anything came of it.

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Re: The Anarchy (1st Barons War)

Post by SteveBurt »

The main addition you'd need would be to cater for heavily armoured mounted and dismounted knights.
It's a fun period; you can use Norman figures, and you have Stephen and Matilda chasing each other through the snow in their nightshirts (as I recall from "1066 And All That").

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Re: The Anarchy (1st Barons War)

Post by agent_pumpkin »

Don't forget to have some monks.. especially one that investigates crime. :)

If you do jump into this period, let us know. I think its a wonderful era for gaming.
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