Results table - elite and levy loses

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Results table - elite and levy loses

Post by Fettster » Mon Mar 13, 2017 8:51 pm

Been playing our first few games of a proper campaign.

So far we have been counted losses of elites and levy when calculating the level is victory but reading the table in our last game the modifier for levy is for a British king and elites for a British comes or Saxon king.

Should we only count these once we reach that rank? Or do we count it irrespective of rank?


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Re: Results table - elite and levy loses

Post by JimLeCat » Mon Mar 13, 2017 10:23 pm

Hi Leigh,

You read the table exactly as written, so levy losses only count extra if you are an RB king, and elites if you are a comes or Saxon king. Basically, losses of those are a greater cause for concern when you reach those ranks. RB kings need to worry about running their kingdom, and the levy are drawn from the ranks of the farmers - lose too many and you may have problems getting your harvests in, so shortage of food and unrest. If you are a comes or Saxon king, your power base is your household guard, the elites. Lose too many of those and you are in a vulnerable position until you can replace them. Either way, it will reduce any victory you achieve since you need to deal with the problems these losses cause.

If you are a lower ranking leader, these things just aren't a concern.


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