Couple of Dux Brit/Raiders queries

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Couple of Dux Brit/Raiders queries

Post by tonicnh » Tue Jan 31, 2017 1:22 pm

Apologies for cross posting on both the forum and the yahoo group but I figured I'd be twice as likely to get an answer!

Finally got round to playing Dux Brit over the past six weeks - had 3 games so far and both me and my opponent are really liking the rules (and are already thinking about the possibilities they have - see later)

Although we've been able to resolve most queries by searching the pdf version of the rules and judicious application of "Google Fu" I havent been able to clarify a couple of things that came up in our last game (a phyrric victory for some Pictish cattle raiders)

Hopefully some of you kind folks can enlighten me on the following

1) We noticed that the raiders card deck contains a card "Saxon Cavalry" but couldnt find any references to them in either the Dux B rulebook or the raiders supplement - is this a misprint? or if not how do Saxon cavalry behave
as a troop type e.g. like Pict/Scot raider cavalry?

2) Normally combat has involved a mix of shock and or kills but due to one set of dice rolls we ended up with a unit taking two kills but no shock, whilst their own attack caused no shock or casualties to their opponents

- looking at the combat results table we interpreted this as the warriors holding their ground (they dont fall back even though they lost 2 more men as no shock was caused)

a) Is this correct? and if so
b) it appears that it is possible to accrue kills without also accruing shock. Correct?

As is out wont we've also toyed with the idea of adapting the rules to later periods, later Saxons and Vikings are covered for in one of the specials but we were thinking about adapting the rules to cater for Normans (we're not talking a refight of Hastings here, more low level stuff like the saxon resistance, harrying of the North etc)

Anyway here's what my opponent up with - Comments/suggestionsanyone?

1 x Lord
2 x Leader
1 x Champion (maybe)

2 x 4 Noble Shock cavalry
2 x 6 warrior infantry (spears)
2 x 4 missiles (bow or crossbow)
1 x 4 skirmish cavalry (lighter norman horse/bretons etc)

Lord must be mounted, leaders may be mounted or on foot - but can only command mounted if mounted, or foot if on foot


2 x A strong arm
2 x Artorius (William?)
3 x Carpe Diem
2 x Bounding move
1 x Rage (from raiders deck)

I wont even mention my idea to adapt Dux B/Raiders to Border Reivers......



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