Multiple nobles in a formation

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Multiple nobles in a formation

Post by stecal »

We had a few questions about our 2nd game the other day.

say I have group 1 with the lord & group2 with noble 1 attached. If the lord activates both groups into a formation and charges, what happens to noble 1 who was with group 2? Does he charge with his group & fight or is he left behind?

What if noble 1 had already had his turn and just moved into group1 to rally them? I understand that rallying does not activate a group?

Also can a noble join or command a group currently led by the lord? We had an occurance where a noble within 6" activated the group currently led by the lord to charge.

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Re: Multiple nobles in a formation

Post by Richard »

Hi Stephen

1. He stays with the group and tags along, moving when they move, fighting when they fight.

2. He can't move twice, so he stays where he is. Good question!

3. Join yes, command no. You don't usurp the power of the Lord and survive!



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Re: Multiple nobles in a formation

Post by captain chook »

If a noble and a leader are in a formation in combat will the noble trigger another round of combat when his card is drawn (i.e. combat on the leaders turn and then again on the nobles turn)?
Although the noble is not commanding this formation I assume he can remove shock.

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Re: Multiple nobles in a formation

Post by EvilGinger »

He can remove shock & I have always allowed him to continue an ongoing fight after all he can quite easily yell encouragement at he countrymen who are literally resting on their spears.

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