Movement Question

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Movement Question

Post by Zachariah »


I hope someone can help with a very basic rules query which is causing friction in our gaming group.

I refer to the basic movement rules for a Group or Mass Formation. Completely get the rules around a unit(s) ends it's facing the direction it moved and reducing movement by 1D6 if you wish to change the facing after moving.

But where we have a difference of opinion is during the actual move itself can a unit(s) change direction part way through or not. So e.g. rolling a basic 3D6, scoring 12" to move, can a unit move say 4" straight ahead, turn 45 degrees to the right move another 4" turn straight ahead, then turn say 90 degrees to the left and finish by moving 4" straight ahead. Cannot change facing having rolled 3D6. OR just move upto 12" straight in the desired direction say 45 degree off to its current facing and then end facing at that 45 degree angle. I favour the latter. Yet one of the players favours the former.

So is the description in the rule book (P39) being taken to literally by me? Changing facing whilst moving to go round terrain for example seems to me to stretch the rules as written. The pictured example seems to be saying move any way you want but in a straight line and you face that way unless you pay the movement die penalty. Of course a house rule allowing zig-zag moves could be used with a -1D6 penalty or is it deemed legal by other players, the rule writers to change facing during the actual move?


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Re: Movement Question

Post by Archdukek »

No, a unit always turns to face the direction it wants at the start then moves in a straight line for the full distance rolled, unless it specifies stopping at a defined geographical spot. It then adjusts its facing at the end of the movement if it has reserved a D6 to do so.
See the bullet point on page 36 and the rules on facing on page 39 which both refer to adjusting facing at the end of movement.


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Re: Movement Question

Post by Zachariah »

Thank John. That's how I interpreted the rules


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Re: Movement Question

Post by jarhead60mm »

I've got a different take on this. On pg. 39 under Facing "A Group or Formation may change its direction of advance and does not reduce its movement as a result." There's nothing stated about having to move straight ahead. The example diagram on the same page shows a movement where the direction was changed.

We struggled with this too when we first started playing. The 12" of movement could be done as you have laid out in your example. You are just changing direction not the facing of the Group. Your going to need to do this say to move around a woods, a farm etc.

We think of facing this way. For example a Group facing their enemies wants to retire and then end up facing back toward their enemies. They would about face and move the 2D6 and then about face again at the end of the movement. Same if the Group wanted to move side ways. Right face move 2D6 then left face.

Hope this makes sense.


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Re: Movement Question

Post by JimLeCat »

P.39 just means that a group may move in any direction without a cost in movement. That is, there is no cost for changing facing at the *start* of their move. They then move off in the direction you specified and finish facing in that direction, unless you deduct a dice from their movement to allow them to change facing at the end of their movement.

The move should always be in a single direction, although we tend to play that a move that can be expressed in a simple statement is allowable, usually to avoid terrain features, e.g. they are going to circle around the pond, or they are going to move between those two houses, or they are moving down the road (basically doing so makes more sense than moving in a straight line).

If this is intended to zigzag across the table to gain some advantage, then absolutely not!


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Re: Movement Question

Post by TroubleAtTheMill »

Belated response:

I tend to allow the same - if it's obvious that a group or non-Shieldwall formation can track some *smoothly* curving terrain feature like a road or the edge of a wood, I'll tend to allow it as an umpire. It isn't what the rules say, though :D
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