Pickett's Charge

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Re: Pickett's Charge

Post by Dragoon »

So you loose a full base of 75-80 men in one go?
If I remember from nearly 50 years ago an ACW battalion could be anything from 250 men to a new regiment of 600 or more.
But it's irrelevent now.

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Re: Pickett's Charge

Post by Archdukek »

No Dragoon there is no base removal. The whole unit gradually accumulates damage until it reaches the point where the unit is removed from play.
Units can vary in size as you say so can range from 3-10 or more bases if using an historic OOB. However, the rules allow you to merge smaller units and split larger ones into battalions as was done historically to create viable or more manoeuvreable units.

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Re: Pickett's Charge

Post by Kustenjaeger »


The focus is on divisional command of the constituent brigades (the C&C focus is on how the divisional commander gets the most out of his brigades) with the combat being undertaken by the constituent regiments. Regiments may be small (3-4), standard (5-6) or large (7+) bases. 3 base regiments form sharpshooters; smaller units are consolidated together. Losses are tracked but not removed until the regiment as a whole is lost.



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Re: Pickett's Charge

Post by genew49 »

Are Fighting 15's accessible to you?
http://www.fighting15sshop.co.uk/15mm-a ... -920-c.asp

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Re: Pickett's Charge

Post by Richard »


On the forum, we should have a dedicated Pickett's Charge section up and live today.

Re the web site; the new one is simply not compatible with the old one, but I do have access to the old one so that if you need to re-download a product you bought previously I can check that and send it across. It's not ideal, but the advance of technology means that the old stuff simply doesn't plug into the new.


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